My Pilgrimage to the Unicorn Café. 🦄

My best friend is queen of everything unicorn. It was probably the first thing I learned about her, and if she gathered all her unicorn accessories together and made a shrine, took a picture and put it online it would go viral. It’s that deep.

So when the Unicorn Cafe blew up on my newsfeed six months ago, I tagged Brooke, thinking it would be in Tokyo, Seoul, or any other place I wasn’t visiting soon. It was in Bangkok, and I had just booked flights there.”You HAVE to go there. For me.” 

There wasn’t any question. I was going there for myself. To indulge my inner child who loves kitsch and cute. I had already been to the Bear Hug Café in Chiang Mai, and when I finally got time to visit the Unicorn Café, I made it my sole mission to go.

Unicorn Cafe is closest to Chong Nonsi station in Bangkok, down a small side road near the Belgian Embassy. You can’t miss it.

Inside is an paradise of pink, purple and plushies.  

No wallpapers, floors or ceilings have been left untouched.

This includes the toilet. I’ve never used a prettier bathroom. Even the sanitary bin was on theme.

The Metro described it as looking like  “they asked a five-year-old girl to describe her dream home, and then went with exactly what she suggested.” I can confirm that is absolutely correct, and what makes it so heavenly. The five-year-old you who wanted to live in a princessy palace and eat junk food can finally live vicariously through adult-you. And adult you can pretend not to love it…

But five-year-old you cannot deny the cute. 

There isn’t much of an online menu, and if you’re in Bangkok you’re probably trying to spend a bit less, but prices aren’t as high as you’d expect. Food is around 100-250 baht.

While you wait for your food, you can change into something more… comfortable

And play with the many many plushies and wands

If for whatever reason you bring a non-believer into paradise, ensure they get with the programme immediately. No one is too cool for unicorns. The arrival of drinks usually helps.

And the food and drink is delightfully on theme. His lychee soda came with sprinkles and hearts, and his burger with a unicorn horn. My waffles and bacon were fairly normal looking (I took normal food because coloured food never looks appetising), but came with magical cutlery.

It’s really simply a lot of fun. The food is not remarkable but no one was expecting that. Go because it’s adorable. It’s pretty, it’s silly and these kitschy cute Thai dessert cafés are so unique and adorable that they’re irresistable. This one in particular is magical, and really made my day. If nothing else, you owe it to your younger relatives… and your younger self.

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