Right now, we’re here in Boston

When I last visited Boston, Massachusetts, I was with my Mum. She much preferred the charm and clean Boston to the hustle and bustle of the Lower East Side of New York and I really liked it too. I vowed to return, and I had a few things firmly on my agenda.

I arrived from New York using Greyhound, and the journey took around 4 hours. My plug outlets refused to work, but otherwise the journey was fine.

My hotel is in Chinatown, and Boston is a fairly walkable city. My plan was to walk to Faneuil Hall and get food, then go for a stroll to the common. On my walk, I was approached by a man.

“Sorry miss, I just see that you’re a beautiful lady. Do you mind if I walk with you?”

I hesitated. I wasn’t really planning on company, but at the same time, I really did need to take a daily portrait… 

I let him walk with me, and despite him touching my shoulder to steer me, an erratic tendency to switch sides when he walked and calling me “baby”, he was pleasant enough. He was from the projects in Roxbury and had a tough upbringing, but now he sells tobacco for a company. He walked me to Faneuil Hall, but even I could see it was touristy and I lost interest. Instead we went to North End, then had to leave pretty abruptly but I took his email for if I want to meet for dinner (I didn’t).

I was grateful for this diversion. North End was very quaint and beautiful. Everything had been preserved from how it originally was. 

It was a nice walk, which took me to the Boston Common where I took a lemonade and sat out in the sun taking selfies.

From there I was beginning to feel a little hungry, so I searched for food and found a little food court in Downtown Crossing. I took a Louisiana blackened chicken with rice, and I continue to be defeated by the portion sizes in the states. I couldn’t finish it at all! My dinner concluded my day so that I could launder my very dirty clothes.

The next day I decided to visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum and check visiting Harvard off my bucket list.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum comes so highly recommended by me that it has its own blog post here. An actual first on this blog!

Harvard is accessible by the MBTA, you can take the red line heading to Alewife, and get off at the easily named “Harvard” stop. Once you leave the station, Harvard yard is waiting right there for you. 

In the Harvard Yard you’ll find lots to see – the statue of John Harvard, the memorial library and church and the opportunity to walk around saying you can “pahk ya cah in the hahvid yahd”. 

I found it interesting to walk a little further down Massachusetts Avenue and look at the Law School because I am a massive fan of Legally Blonde and Legally Blonde: The Musical (also a few very important real life people went there too. But mostly Elle Woods). There are a few museums such as the Peabody Museum, and the Semitic Museum which I would have particularly liked to see, but I spent too long at the ISGM and arrived thirty minutes after it closed.

There are a few cafés and restaurants to eat in, I took a huge ciabatta panini from a deli with a few continental foods and a fresh lemonade from shake shack then I headed home.

With big players like Washington DC and the mighty New York City so nearby, I think Boston often gets overlooked. One of my favourite songs is about this city, so it will always carry a special place in my heart. There is so much history and so much beauty, I hope European visitors don’t overlook it for much longer!

Favourite sights: North End, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Hostel: HI Boston Hostel

Positive: Really clean, great rooms, in a great location with lots of activities, a nice breakfast and a really nice, communal atmosphere

Negative: only that the wifi can be a bit patchy, which is fine because you’re on holiday BUT it did also affect the laundry card machine.


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