Learn From My Mistakes: Córdoba


What’s great about Seville is there are some really great day trips only a few hours out of town. The city is well linked by train, and Renfe trains are fast, clean and easy to book.

My choice was between Cadiz, Jerez and Córdoba, and Córdoba won. My second day in Seville would be a day trip out of town.

That was where all my good planning and organisation ended.

I took a while to leave the hostel, and when I finally did, I walked to San Bernardo station not Santa Justa. I had an hour wait for the next Córdoba bound train… and here’s the first place where I was very stupid. I booked a return because it didn’t cross my mind it was possible to book my single back to Seville later. I also booked one allowing me three hours in Córdoba because the later one might be “too much time”. I’m an idiot!


I arrived to scorching 41 degree heat. The sun was beating down on the city and I zipped from tree to tree, trying not to roast to death as I walked down the long Jardines Duque di Riva. It’s a very green and beautiful park, and a refuge in those furnace temperatures.


The city walls are near the South end of the park once you cross the road, and the big tourist sites are collected round there. I grabbed a delicious lemon granizada and was good to go, until I dropped the straw and had to drink it, like a monster.


There are lots of little tiny streets, seemingly like all Spanish cities, but my first agenda point was lunch, before siesta kicked in. The only place that had a dish that I fancied in that moment went against all good decisions. It was so clearly a tourist trap but I had left my better judgement in bed. There was a picture menu. I know, revoke my traveller privileges. It stood to reason the service was slow and the food shocking.


From there, I walked through the tourist trap medina to the bell tower, and combined with the garden it is really beautiful.

I believe this is where you gain access to the mosque-cathedral, however I wouldn’t really know because I’m utterly ridiculous and did not dress appropriately for a church, wearing short sleeves and a pair of cute shorts.


So I missed out on Córdoba’s biggest sights.

Frankly because the service was so slow at the restaurant, I had to do everything at great speed. The Roman bridge got a “that’s nice, now run!”


The Calleja des Flores was a bit of a waste of my time, and so I headed back by way of the synagogue which I just simply couldn’t find.


I was devastated. With a bit more planning and organisation I could have really exploited my day in what was clearly a beautiful city but I messed up. As I always say in dire moments, “I’ll know for next time.”

Córdoba really is a delight. If you do a day trip, learn from my mistakes and do a day. Probably get food you can take on the move with you so you don’t waste time in s tourist hellhole of a restaurant and bring Cathedral appropriate clothing!

Favourite sights: Torre del campanario


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