Every Calorie I consumed in Rome

I’ve been back from Rome for quite a few days and I’m still feeling full. Someone commented on my instagram feed “stai sempre a magnà” and I was like, duh. Did I or did I not come here for that purpose?

I ate in Rome. I like, ate. In some places I forgot the name of the cafe- forgive me. But here it is, all laid out for you to copy me.

La Matriciana O Amatriciana at Salumeria Roscioli

A little bit busy with the lunchtime rush, but with a wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff. My dish was bombolotto paffuto pasta, Campania passata, guanciale and pecorino.

Gelato at Fatamorgana

The rated gelateria in Rome. This was not too far from Salumeria Roscioli. For €2.50 you get two generous scoops of true, home made gelato and there are plenty of experimental flavours. I kept it simple with fior di latte and nocciola which, if you’ve ever had ice cream with me you’ll know that is always my order!

Heart biscuits in Trastevere

“Avere un cuore in due non è facile!!” Which is why I ate these to myself. Bought in a cafe somewhere in Trastevere, they tasted a little bit like the crispy and delicious edges of a cake. The server was cute and flirty (but not flirty enough) and I enjoyed them looking over to the river.

Rigatoni alla Gricia at Flavio del Velavevodetto

If you’ve looked at where to eat cacio e pepe, this restaurant will come up. It’s popular but fairly out of the way and still quite quiet when I went in. There were very few tourists. I kicked up my cacio e pepe a notch with guanciale to make it Rigatoni alla Gricia – pecorino, black pepper and guanciale with al dente rigatoni.

Perugina jellies from a cute little shop near Vatican

I went in because I was drawn to the cute tins of food. I wanted to buy something but it was too pricey, so I bought these perugina fruit jelly sweets instead. I like chewy, artificial sweets but these were nice too, and 25c each.

Bucatini all’amatriciana at Taverna dei Fori Imperial

The final meal was bucatini all’amatriciana. How could it not have been? I was feeling pretty tired and with a banging headache but I made space in my heart, life and belly for a massive plate of this dish. It was of course, wonderful. Nicely located by the Forum without being touristy or gimmicky – this restaurant was a shout.

Am I satisfied? Well, yes and no. There are so many more meals I could have eaten with more time. But all roads lead to Rome, and Rome is literally down the road. I’ll surely be back. And then I’ll be trying Roman pizza!


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